Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back on the Running Bandwagon?

Sure am!  I mean, I never really left the bandwagon.  I was just giving my legs an extended break....right?  Anyway, I went out this weekend and ran six miles with my dad up and down Dale Boulevard.  At first, I was really irritated that I didn't charge my the Garmin but then I realized how slowly I was running and decided that I was probably better off not knowing my splits.

On Sunday evening, I ran another three (slow) miles on the treadmill.  I was lounging on the couch, pinning thousands of things I will never do on Pinterest, and watching smut TV, when I decided I should go run instead.  WHAT?!?  I have no idea who has taken over my body but I hope she stays for a while ;)  On top of all that, I got up this morning and ran two miles.  I have plans to workout with my friend Jess this evening so I didn't want to over do it.

This return to my beloved past time has also motivated me to finally put on these stickers that I purchased at the Hot Chocolate Fiasco a mere three months ago.

Running makes me want to catch up
on other things I'm slacking on in life

I have also renewed my efforts in healthy eating.  This past week I decided that I should prepare all my vegetable and fixings for my salads ahead of time and that would encourage me to eat them more often.  In my brilliant brainstorming I decided to hard boil some eggs.  Since I wanted them to be ready for tossing in the salad, I had to peel all of them.

This is not one of my God-given talents.  I'm actually concerned with what to do with the Easter eggs after we are done coloring them because there is no way I will sit there and peel them and be left with pock-marked eggs.

Do you have a secret for perfectly shelled hard boiled eggs?

Do you have bursts of motivation?


  1. The only way I can nicely peel eggs is to do while they are still warm.

    Great job getting back to running!

  2. I like your stickers. (How dirty did that sound? No? Just to me?)

  3. Good job on the runs! I need to log more runs this week, but I figure after the 5k on Saturday a small break won't kill me. I'm so jealous that Jess is close to you for you to run with. You guys should move to this side of the county so we can all run together :)

  4. I'm going to try to keep up with the running too. I'm pretty excited.


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