Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It is finished.

I have finished the play kitchen and lived to tell about it...

Pay no attention to the girl behind the dishtowel. 
She is only there for size comparison.
It has ruled my life for the past month....well not really, more like taken over my basement as I procrastinated to finish it.  I blame Pinterest.  They show these great ideas and everyone says how cute and easy it is to do.  Pinterest is full of liars.  This was hard work.  I'm so glad it's done.  I have excused myself from giving Julia anymore gifts for the rest of the year because this is it.  Enjoy!

This lovely kitchen comes fully equipped with a kid-size refrigerator and freezer, oven and dishwasher.  Please notice the old deadbolt knobs that I used for the stove knobs.  They are the previous locks that I changed when I moved into my house.  I love being a hoarder and using things I have around the house!

It even has a small table for her dolls to sit at and eat.  I ashamedly have plans to make a bunk bed for the babies as well out of a bookshelf...so it's clear, I actually haven't learned a lesson from this....

I'm pretty sure this is the only part of the kitchen that matters.  In fact, I could have just made this part and called it a day and she would have been completely content.  I saw someone else had used these metal trivets for the burners and they work great!  I only ended up using two of them because they were pricey.  For the sink I used a cheap bathroom faucet from Home Depot and a stainless steel bowl and wah-la!  Instant Kitchen. 

Please tell me I'm in the running for mother of the year....

What crazy stuff do you do for your child?

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  1. No kitchen is complete without a baby shelf!


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