Wednesday, July 25, 2012

87 days!

It's official!  Alex and I have less than three months until we get married.  I felt like I had all the time in the world to plan the wedding but now it's definitely crunch time.  I have waaaaay too many ideas of things that I am going make or do for the wedding that I may need to start prioritizing and nixing some things.

Anyway, thank goodness it has finally cooled off a bit.  I actually went out for a run this morning and the weather was absolutely glorious!  I can't say my actual run went as well as I had hoped but that's what I get for not running more often.  My good friend Jenny gave me a visor for my birthday and I finally tried it out.  Perhaps it's the placebo effect but I felt cooler running with the visor than with my normal hat. 

I look cool, right?  ;)
The past week was good in terms of healthy eating.  I always do so much better in the summer because of all the delicious fruits that are available.  Currently, I'm in love with peaches.  Just about every night, I cut up a peach, put some cinnamon and sugar on it and pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds.  So good!  Another jewel of the summer that I discovered at the local farmer's market:  yellow watermelon!

It really doesn't taste much different than the regular red stuff but it's still kind of cool.  So with the healthy eating and getting my lazy butt out and running, it's no surprise that I lost some weight.  Currently, I'm weighing in at 176 :)

What's your favorite summer treat?


  1. Yaaay is so amazing to see how everything is going your way girl ... Peaches with cinnamon never heard of it but sounded really good... Keep on the workouts and the healthy meals proud of your weight loss ;) love you roomie

  2. That yellow watermelon is awesome! I've never seen that before.


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