Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A for Effort??

Oh, the New Year Resolution.  How quickly you are made and even more quickly forgotten.   Since we are halfway into the year, I thought it would be a great time to revisit my goals and my lack of progress on them.

My 2012 goals (as of January 2012)
  • Run, walk, and/or crawl 1000 miles (approximately 20 miles a week)
  • Walk 100 miles with Julia (approximately 2 miles a week)
  • Get married!
  • Run a half marathon under 2:22:00
  • Bring my bowling average up to 120 (haha, baby steps)
  • Prepare meatless dinners on Mondays
  • Continue to decrease body fat (down to 22%)
  • Stay positive by writing in five things I am thankful for every day
So let's take a look...For the first half of 2012, I have run 140 miles.  That leaves me with 29 weeks to run 860 miles.  It's only thirty miles a week or 4.3 miles a day :)  Well geez, if I wasn't having issues with running twenty miles a week then thirty should be cake : /  Julia and I are at ten miles for our goal of 100.  It's probably not as far as we should be but I think this goal is still manageable. 

Get married?  Still in the works...130 days left to go....

haha, I love these

Half marathon under 2:22:00?  CHECK!

My bowling average sadly did not improve much and in fact, I'm not even sure what it was when the league ended.  My best guess would be somewhere near 114.  Oh well.

What is that girl doing?
Meatless Mondays can be filed away under failed goals, however, it's because I have not been successful in this goal that I am still getting married in October.  Let's face it, Alex is a strict carnivore.  There will be no revision of this goal, it will simply be tossed out.

Body fat down to 22%  Fail.  I'm pretty sure being on track for running 1000 miles in a year would have helped me achieve this goal as well.  Did I mention that I still have a wedding dress that doesn't fit?  Yep.

Writing my five things a day that I am grateful for has been semi-successful.  I will admit that it doesn't happen every day but I have certainly tried.  I do love the idea of focusing on the good in life rather than the negative.  It's tough to do but it's worth the effort.

I'm going to adjust my running goal to 500 miles for the year so I will have to run 17.3 miles a week for the rest of the year.  I'm also going to keep writing five things that I am thankful for each day.  The goal I would like to add is fitting into my wedding dress....

What goals have you accomplished so far this year?


  1. I've already run 983 miles this year and I've been pregnant since February. There is no point to this, I just wanted to shame you into running more. :)

  2. If it makes you feel better - I've only run like 50-odd miles this year :)

  3. I think it's pretty awesome you are even revisiting your goals. I think I've run 3 times a week since I started in late february, except for maybe 2-3 missed weeks. Wish my scale recognized this fact more.


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