Monday, July 21, 2014

Maternity Leave

I feel like people have always touted the government as having great benefits.  There are a lot of great benefits, however, there are NO maternity benefits.  None.  You can use your vacation and your sick leave but there is no disability benefits or paid maternity time off.  The state of Virginia does not provide any disability pay either.  I have been very fortunate that my family and I have been prepared to allow me to be home with my sweet boy for over three months.

Before Dean came, I had grand ideas of what I was going to accomplish while on maternity leave.  I thought he would sleep for hours at a time and I would be able to organize the garage, organize my craft room, and do some scrapbooking and sewing too.  The last time I had an infant was over seven years ago and clearly, my memory does not serve me correctly.  It's an accomplishment if I shower these days.  This kid needs to eat, be changed, or held ALL the time.  

I have been able to get a workout in every now and again.  Mostly, we go for walks around the neighborhood.  I can't tell if he likes it or not but at least he's quiet.  I also do the Post-natal Boot Camp and it looks a little like this:

The joys of a sleeping baby!
Sadly enough, my time at home is coming to a close.  I'm going back to work a couple days this week and then a couple days next week.  After that, I'm back full time :(  Dean and I were playing after a diaper change and he gave me a couple of giggles.  He has only giggled once before and doesn't really know that he is doing it but it made me cry.  All I wanted was for him to laugh for me before I went to work and he did it.  It made me the happiest mommy and saddest mommy all at once!

It's not all sad this week though because after five weeks with her father, Julia is coming home!!!

Life is a little crazier with both of them demanding my attention but I love them and I'm going back to work so it won't be that bad!

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