Friday, November 30, 2012

Bucket List and Babies

Well, hello.  It looks like my last blog post was about four months ago.  Wedding preparation got a little crazy at the end and forget about blogging, there were moments I couldn't remember my name.  Even though I was married over a month ago (shocking, I know), it's taken me a while to get my bearings straight.  I didn't think I was a princess bride that made her life all about the wedding but oh my, after the wedding I couldn't remember how to function.  The lack of DIY projects for the wedding left me wondering how to fill all of my new found free time.

Relax.  I found something to do.  Eating is fun :)  So I've been married for forty-one days and I have gained approximately fifteen pounds.  Let's just call it comfort weight and take it as a blessing on the marriage.  Even though I'm all fat and happy now, I'm eager to devote my time to something other than being a complete fatty.  People who know me would logically assume that I would start filling my time with trying to have a baby.  For some reason before the wedding it seemed like a much better idea because I couldn't have it but I loved to see Alex squirm.  Now that we are married and he's told me January 2013 we could "try," it just isn't as appealing. 

My good friend Jenny just recently had her son and before she got pregnant she wanted to complete a full triathalon.  That kind of event takes a lot of time for training and babies are a huge time suck. It makes perfect sense to cross that off your bucket list before having a baby.  I have casually talked about running a marathon at some point.  Casual talking has now become an official item on my bucket list and I plan to cross it off before I get pregnant. 

KeyBank Vermont City Marathon & Relay

Why Vermont?  I don't know.  I googled "easy marathon" and this was one of them listed.  Yes, I googled "easy marathon."  I'm sure running 26.2 miles can be a piece of cake, right?  May 26th is the big day.  A short six months to go.....what was I thinking????

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  1. You can do it!! Tomorrow begins the Burpee challenge... and Monday begins my get-it-together-on-the-exercise-front challenge. We need to motivate each other :)


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